My Journey with Blossom

My Journey with Blossom

By Nathan H., Student in Quest Kids Academy's Work-Study Program

Last school year, I started a new class at Quest Kids Academy called Work-Study Class.  In Work-Study Class, I learned that I have to meet expectations for my job to get paid.  That means that I need to pay attention during new task training, ask for clarification, complete my tasks just like my supervisor taught me, and ask for feedback after I complete a task.  If I have old tasks, I have to manage my time and complete my tasks without help.  My Work-Study class supervisor, Mrs. Frances, taught me how to work in job environments.

One day, I went to an important meeting with Mr. John Gill, Ms. Erica, and Ms. Brooke.  After the meeting, my classmates and I started working on the Blossom project!  We got tasks like wrapping soaps, inspecting soaps and checking quality control, taking inventory, updating the Excel inventory spreadsheet, and restocking soaps at a neighborhood store called Eola General.

A couple months ago, the Blossom website launched.  After the launch, we got orders through the roof!  People felt excited and were ordering soaps like crazy.  I asked my mom share the website on Facebook with her friends and our family.  After she shared the website, her friends and our family shared it with their friends and family and so on…

Over the summer, I wanted to help Blossom soar!  I asked Mr. Rob if I could have training at Quest Training Center-Orlando (QTC-O), and he said “yes!”  Mr. Rob said I could be the first official Blossom employee on the payroll!  I felt so excited that I almost fainted.  I had to get some training from Mr. Mike.  He taught me how to plug the inventory on the back end of the Blossom website.  He also taught me a new way of counting soaps that was different from how Mrs. Frances taught me.

A week after my first shift at QTC-O, I got my first paycheck!  I felt so excited!  I’m currently saving up for a Scar stuffed animal from The Lion King.  I want to work every day and get more hours.  The more hours I work, the more money I get!  My plan is to save up for things I want, like stuffed animals, soundtracks, Legos, and video games.

My future hope is to work at QTC-O.  I want to work there because it’s exciting and fun to go to work.  I want to become the president of Blossom.  I can achieve this by working hard and getting more hours in at QTC-O.  I should also have a nice but strict leadership.  I have to learn how to run a company.  Finally, I will help new employees when they start working for Blossom!

Blossom is the best!  Please buy our soaps!!!

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