Hope and Innovation on the Horizon

Hope and Innovation on the Horizon

By Nathan H., Student in Quest Kids Academy's Work-Study Program

Hi everyone! I’m Nathan! My role in Blossom is to be a lead task trainer. I’m the person who trains others to do tasks I already know how to do! These tasks include: wrapping soaps, labeling products, taking inventory, and selling products at events! This is a lot of work, but it’s fun! I’m proud to be a part of Blossom, a special organization created by Quest, Inc., that helps people with special needs find jobs.

A few weeks ago, my mom and I did a fundraiser on Facebook to help Quest, Inc. and Blossom raise money. We asked our friends and family to donate. It’s important for us to do everything we can to help during COVID-19.

To help boost our product sales, my mom and I are advertising through Facebook and Instagram. We are also spreading the word about our favorite products, like the coffee vanilla candle. One day, we had almost $500 in sales!

It’s been fun working from home with my mom. I’ve been attending Zoom meetings and writing blogs like this one.

Even though times are rough right now, there is always hope. My hope is that we can get things normal and be like a family again.

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