The Style of the Shields by: Darrell Lillard

The Style of the Shields by: Darrell Lillard

March 8, 2022… It was a typical morning until Ms. Frances showed up. She said, “Guys!! We have a special mission!” So… Nathan and I went along with her to discover this “special mission.” Upon arriving at Blossom, we were greeted by the LEGEND… the MYTHICAL… Brian Shields!!! This seemed too good to be true… but… it was all real!

Brian Shields | Darrell Lillard

Nathan and I were shocked at first, but we were prepared for it! We planned to show Brian what Blossom was all about. We wanted to not only show him da wae of Blossom, but how how our teamwork makes the dream work. We wanted to make Brian Shields feel welcome and feel like he wanted to come back.

Nathan and I showed him the Power of Positivity! First, we showed him the ALMIGHTY paper powered super shooter!!! This contraption makes packing a breeze, and ensures our customers receive their candles, soaps, and bath teas in perfect condition. We blew Brian Shields and the morning team away with this GLORIOUS invention.

I felt so excited to share time with Brian Shields and his team. They were all nice people. It’s been a dream to become legendary by meeting a legend — and that dream came true.

Next time, I want Brian to really get the full Blossom experience and see just how STUPENDOUS we really and truly are!!! I hope he comes during our next online sales event!

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