A Generous Gift Allows Us to Blossom

A Generous Gift Allows Us to Blossom
Last month, Blossom was generously gifted a $10,000 grant from Dr. Phillips Charities! With this grant, Dr. Phillips Charities is supporting our garden program that provides the essential herbs and produce utilized in our product making process. The funds acquired through this grant will support garden maintenance and expansion, allowing the Blossom team to develop even more artisanal products to share with the world!
At Blossom, we are committed to providing vocational and skills development opportunities for the individuals served through Quest, Inc.’s training center in Orlando and the Quest Kids Academy Work Study program. Financial contributions from organizations like Dr. Phillips Charities help us further the Blossom mission of cultivating opportunities, crafting quality products and celebrating abilities!
We are so thankful to have such support from our partners in the community. Thank you from all of us at Blossom!
Learn more about how Dr. Phillips Charities is helping other nonprofit organizations in the Orlando area by visiting drphillips.org.

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