Soaring in Skills and Sales

Soaring in Skills and Sales

The Blossom team is always on the lookout for ways to get involved in local events where we can exhibit our products. We encourage all of our team members to participate in these exhibitions so they may practice their skills out in the community. Nathan, a Blossom team member and student at Quest Kids Academy, has worked at our booths at these events. Recently, he spent a Saturday afternoon at our booth at the Orlando Wine Festival at ICON Park.

By working at these events, Nathan is able to interact with customers face-to-face and use his skills that he has worked on at Quest Kids Academy. This school is one of the few accredited McKay providers in Central Florida. Taught by Board Certified Behavior Analysts, students learn academic, communication, social, leisure and practical skills to promote a greater independence.

Nathan had one goal at this event – to earn over $1,000 in sales. He was able to exceed his goal with a grand total of $1,245.19 in sales! Thanks to Nathan’s hard work, this is our most successful single day sales event so far!

Learn more about Quest Kids Academy by clicking here.

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