Faces of Blossom: Stephanie

Faces of Blossom: Stephanie

At Blossom, each handcrafted soap, candle, bath tea and body balm is carefully made, inspected and packaged by our team members with developmental disabilities. Stephanie is a member of our team, and she takes pride in the work she does at Blossom!

We have known Stephanie for over six years. Her role with Blossom focuses on crafting our bath teas and labeling each product. She enjoys making bath tea and is happy that she gets to work with her friends every day. Her favorite Blossom scent is Orange Cranberry Clove.

As a Blossom team member, Stephanie has a lot of opportunities that would be hard to find elsewhere. One of those opportunities is helping exhibit at local events. She plans to start attending events in the future. Stephanie has a big goal that she is working toward. “One day, I want to learn how to drive a car. I want to drive on my own,” she said.

We certainly hope you can achieve your goal, Stephanie! Thank you for your hard work!

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