Changing Lives with a Work-Study Program

Changing Lives with a Work-Study Program

If you’ve visited a Blossom booth at one of our many regional events, you’ve most likely encountered our crew of budding entrepreneurs. Each one of these talented team members is part of the Quest Kids Academy Work-Study Program and crucial part of Blossom’s success! The program offers a learning opportunity for high-functioning students ages 16-22 with developmental disabilities. The main goal of the program is for students to learn new skills through the utilization of real work tasks to prepare for future employment.

There are six students in the program so far, but the goal is to expand in the future. Students learn how a business is run through their help with Blossom. They understand that working collaboratively as a team is necessary to complete recurring Blossom tasks such as product and packaging inventory, wrapping soaps, labeling products, and restocking soaps at Eola General in Orlando.

The biggest skill the students are learning is communication. As an executive functioning skill, it is transferrable to any job (and life in general), therefore invaluable to the students. When they ask for clarification during a new training, that’s when it is apparent that they have successfully acquired a new skill.

In Bloom Event

Dylan is a student in Quest Kids Academy’s Work-Study Program. “I do Blossom tasks with Ms. Frances and Ms. Lauren. I can help students fold Blossom shirts. I like wrapping Blossom soaps! I can also take inventory. I can count Blossom soaps to make sure that’s the right amount. I enjoy learning how to count Blossom soaps because it makes me feel like a counting expert,” Dylan said.

With the help of these magnificent, hard-working students, Blossom is as successful as ever! Learn more about Quest Kids Academy here.

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