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Dylan's Greeting Cards

Dylan's Greeting Cards

At Blossom, we encourage creativity at all levels. We want our team members to feel comfortable expressing themselves through their work and beyond! We are proud to introduce a special hand-drawn card line, Dylan’s Greeting Cards, by Blossom team member, Dylan!

His card line contains his own artwork to fit every major holiday and special occasions. Through his creative mind, he is able to hand-draw just about any design imaginable!

Dylan's Greeting Cards

“I like doing my cards! People think that my cards are beautiful. I can add more colors to make them colorful. I’m coming up with more artwork that I can do. I’m being more creative when I make my cards. I feel proud of myself when I make them!” Dylan said.

As a student at Quest Kids Academy, Dylan’s teachers noticed his artistic talent straight away. One of his teachers, Frances, shares that story. “Six years ago, at the end of Dylan’s first day at Quest Kids Academy, I’ll never forget how each of his teachers brought a sample of his art to our staff meeting. We all said the same thing, 'Have you seen this kid draw?' When talking about Dylan’s future, we wondered if he could have a card line on Etsy. Now, he has a card line for Blossom. The completion of this project speaks directly to Quest’s mission. Great talent lives within all the individuals we serve. It’s our job to find it, cultivate it and encourage it. I’m so proud to work for an organization that makes dreams come true.”

Watch this video to see Dylan’s reaction when he first learned that his cards were live on our website! Proceeds from every card order will go back to this aspiring artist. Shop Dylan’s Valentine’s Day cards here. Be on the look-out for new designs coming very soon!

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