A Future Leader Continues to Grow

A Future Leader Continues to Grow

At Blossom, we encourage everyone to work hard to accomplish their goals. That’s why Nathan (pictured left to right: Nathan and Austin), a student in Quest Kids Academy’s Work-Study Program, has been so successful with Blossom! He is the go-to guy to help answer any questions that our customers have at our sales events. He is always enthusiastic in explaining everything there is to know about our many artisanal products.

Nathan has a lot of goals with Blossom. His biggest goal is to one day become the “President of Blossom”! He has been working very hard to prove he is capable of handling all of the tasks that are assigned to him. He was recently promoted to “Lead Trainer” where he trains and assists the rest of the students in the Work-Study Program with their special tasks. Nathan is thrilled about his new promotion and has high hopes for the future.

“Now that I am the Lead Trainer of Blossom, I can help my friends in Quest Kids Academy’s Work-Study Program do the tasks I know how to do. Training is sort of like offering help before anyone makes a mistake! It makes me feel proud! This is one step closer to becoming the President of Blossom! During the new task training session, I helped my friend Austin with the new inventory system. It was pretty amazing! I gave Austin clear directions and he did great! I also trained him how to do quality control and how to count the soaps the fast way,” Nathan said.

Nathan’s ambition with Blossom is inspiring and we’re happy to have him on the Blossom team!

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