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The Harvest

First, we grow the herbs in our gardens at our Quest Training Center in Orlando. The gardens are carefully looked after each day by the individuals we serve. The Blossom program provides Quest the opportunity to create a pathway for our program attendees to move towards their functional goals of learning new skills and generating income. Our team members are taught the life cycle of the product line’s flowers and herbs in order to plant, water, prune and pluck their harvest successfully for use in Blossom products.

The Lab

Second, inside our lab is where the magic happens. Under close supervision, our Blossom crafters dehydrate and prepare the flowers and herbs that are then added to the product base. Our crafters then oversee the application of essential oils, as well as the molding and setting of the product. Once hardened, they remove the product from the molds and prepare it for packaging.

The Academy

Finally, students from Quest Kids Academy’s Work Study program package, ship and market our finished Blossom products directly to the consumer. These students are taught about the tracking of inventory, proper packaging, quality control, assembly line techniques, as well as teamwork. Our students are able to have fun while learning new skills, which will help them acquire meaningful work in the future.

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